About Granola Girl

Granola Girl here, have no fear!  I started this blog as a way to answer the questions I get from friends and acquaintances.  Questions like, “what DO you guys eat?”, “Where do you get your protein?”, and “HOW DO YOU EVEN LIVE WITHOUT BACON?”.  Well, we live guys.  We really survive.  And now I want to share our lifestyle with all of you.
Granola Girl: Mom to Granola Babies 1 & 2, and wife to Granola Guy.  Toddler chef extraordinaire.  Director of household emergency dance parties.
Granola Guy: Husband of Granola Girl and ringleader of all Granola Babies.  Master of the honey-do list.  Longboard Surfer.  Handsome young buck.
Granola Baby #1: Three year old diva-at-large.  Tinkerbell enthusiast.  Hummus inhaler.  Tickle fight champion.  Celiac kid.
Granola Baby #2: One year old naptime rioter. Binkie hoarder.  The zen baby.



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